ArabNet Cairo Conference a Great Success

TechWadi was proud to serve as Supporting Partner of ArabNet‘s recently-held first ever conference outside of Lebanon, a first in a series of annual events that will take place in Egypt’s capital. The 2 day conference bore testimony to Cairo’s bustling tech crowd, hosting around 500 entrepreneurs, executives and investors from the Arab web sphere.

51 speakers, panelists and moderators tackled the latest trends and issues in web and mobile, while 20 contestants in the Ideathon and Startup demo competitions gave us a glimpse of what’s coming for the region’s web scene.

With more than 23 million internet users, 8 million individuals accessing the internet via mobile handsets, and around 4000 ICT companies employing over 200 000 people with 45 billion Egyptian pounds in capital, Egypt clearly represents a rising star in the web industry, capitalizing on its strong telecommunications infrastructure and more importantly a vibrant enthusiastic tech community that we experienced firsthand at the event.

Watch some friends of TechWadi demo at ArabNet:


Brendon Ogilvy from Effective Measures shared some stats on daily media consumption in Egypt. According to a 2 week survey, the biggest contenders for Egyptians’ attention are the internet, ranking first with 88% using it daily (82% of which do so for more than 3 hours a day), followed by the television with 73%.

Search constitutes the top activity on the web, followed by social networking, news & sports, and while the web remains male dominated with 65% of users being male, community based sites with female focus ranked 4th; business & commerce and gaming respectively 5th and 6th.

Internet users in Egypt are most likely to have a graduate or post graduate degree and are aged between 25 and 40. The survey reveals that the 65% of internet users fall within that age bracket, 10% are aged between 18 and 20; and 13% aged 40+. The reports also indicated that most users come from the middle class community, with 65% having a college degree, 25% holding a managerial position, while 40% reported to be professionals.

The event concluded with the award ceremony for the Ideathon and Startup Demo competitions. While female applicants only constituted 19% of the applications for the Startup Demo, all three winning startups were founded by women.

2nd runner up, Zaytouneh, is an online library of 1 minute video recipes; 1st runner up,SweetyHeaven, is an online reward system for children that compensates good behavior with online credit in the form of balloons; and the winner, SuperMama, is a platform dedicated to providing pregnant women with relevant information written by researchers, specialists, and other mothers.

The Ideathon winners on the other hand were 2nd runner up 7ala wa7da, a non-profit project aiming at helping trusted charity organizations collect donations; 1st runner up iCall Taxi, a service that allows people to book a taxi using their mobile phone by sending SMS or Talking to an IVR system; and the winner, Cloud Center, provides and manages a channel of communication between call center service seekers and interested qualified individuals.




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