Dec 23,2016

On Wednesday, December 14, TechWadi hosted founder and CEO of Inevert Omar Hassan who led a moderated discussion about “How Startups and Corporate Companies Can Collaborate Successfully” between founder and global managing director of Cisco’s corporate venturing group “Entrepreneurs in Residence” (EIR) Tom Yoritaka and EIR program leader for Cisco Europe Jonathan Costello.

During the webinar, Tom and Jonathan discussed how startups can engage with corporate companies and how Cisco succeeded in launching their innovation program.

Additional topics that the session covered included:

  1. How Cisco launched its EIR program
  2. What steps Cisco took in order to build relationships with other startups through their program
  3. The best approach for startups to engage with other companies
  4. How startups can best leverage a corporate company
  5. What qualities corporate companies look for in startups
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