Feb 17,2016
Rama Chakaki

Hello from Silicon Valley! My name is Rama Chakaki, and I am the interim Executive Director of TechWadi. On behalf of our founders, board of advisors, board members and team I’d like to welcome you to the TechWadi community.

In 2015, we transitioned, added team members, board members, hosted 6 events and co-sponsored 14. We accelerated 5 companies and directly facilitated funding for one.

As we set out plans for 2016, we’re embarking on fresh new programs and expanding our services to address the growing needs of our community of 5000+ entrepreneurs, technology professionals, investors and ecosystem partners in MENA and the diaspora.

To that end we started reaching out to our members to get feedback and ideas on how we can better serve you. We’ll continue reaching out to many of our valued members in the coming weeks to ensure we’re serving the needs of the community. If you have a pressing matter, please send us an email on membership@techwadi.org.

2016 Membership & Programs

We have added new membership tiers and programs.


In addition to our existing individual membership type, we are adding two new membership tiers for ecosystem partners and Tech-enabled Social Impact organizations.


  1. Webinar Series of speakers across tech topics from experts in our community across the USA.
  2. A MENA Speaker Series, bringing Silicon Valley expertise to the region.
  3. Rolling out a new membership tier for nonprofits and social entrepreneurs who rely on technology to deliver their mission and require the support of our community.
  4. Social Impact online training to enable philanthropy and social entrepreneurs through technology.
  5. Monthly social events in Silicon Valley with our partners and leverage them to for business and idea pitches.
  6. We will host quarterly events with our partners to deliver benefit to topics you, members of our community find interesting.
  7. Finally, we are planning a big show at this year’s TechCrunch with our partners MIT Arab Enterprise Forum. Together we will expand our programming.

 You’ll be hearing from us monthly and we hope to hear from you on regular basis, and you can always reach us at:


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