Feb 10,2016

We’re inviting Arab designers and animators to come up with fun, innovative and catchy ideas to expand our brand. Here’s the design brief; please share it with your network of designers..


We launched a program to support nonprofit organizations working in the field with Syrian Refugees. Our program includes:

  • Online training
  • Volunteer tech missions to train and mentor youth in Lebanon, Palestine, and Jordan.

We would like to use our new brand to create t-shirts and slogans that our volunteers can wear on their volunteer tech missions.  We are using the slogan GoodTech for the time being. We would love your support in creating t-shirt design options.

A committee of 5 selected from our community will vote on the winning design.

To become eligible:

  1. Register on the TechWadi website
  2. Use the identity guidelines are on the web.

Submit your idea to design@techwadi.org by March 5th.

Good Tech

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