The main objective of Techwadi’s Sprint Acceleration Program is to provide opportunities to young entrepreneurs from the MENA region to receive mentorship and training so that they can become more sustainable and gain mobility and access to new markets globally. Many entrepreneurs in the MENA region lack opportunities to receive mentorship and guidance from leading experts in the technology and innovation sector. Mentorship from Silicon Valley industry experts enables them to gain a unique perspective on how their business can be applied on global scale. The Sprint Acceleration Program’s mentors include some of the most successful and experienced entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, who are committed to giving their time and sharing their expertise with participating entrepreneurs. Mentorship takes place in one-on-one settings, as well as through small weekly dinners. Some of the mentors have become lifelong advisors to the companies, help companies position themselves to become relevant to Silicon Valley investors, and introduce them to corporations, angel investors, and VC firms to secure financing.



The ultimate goal is that the entrepreneurs can learn skills that they can transfer to the larger private  sector in MENA. The skills taught during the various technical trainings of the program, along with a chance to build connections to major companies in Silicon Valley, will help the entrepreneurs  build strong networks for the long term. Techwadi works with a wide range of mentors from Silicon Valley to design and deliver content that is needed and relevant to the entrepreneurs that go through the program and give them essential skills and training in key areas that will strengthen their start-ups ability to grow. The key skills training that each entrepreneur receives includes, but are not limited to:

  • Business Development: Series of workshops and trainings on how to reach your clients and customers more effectively. Workshops and trainings are designed with business executives from the top companies within the Techwadi network including Google and Facebook.
  • Marketing: Series of workshops and trainings with masters of marketing, advertising, social media and communications who help entrepreneurs brand and market their products to regional and global markets more effectively.
  • Accounting and Financials: One of the most needed areas for improvement for entrepreneurs is accounting and transparent financials. The workshops and trainings provided by Techwadi are designed to ensure that entrepreneurs have the most transparent and clear accounting and financial methods, and meet the requirements of banks and investors when requesting funding.
  • Product Design: Series of workshops and trainings on how to more effectively design and pivot your product to better meet the needs of customers and be more user friendly.
  • Software Developer Kit: Series of workshops and trainings designed to enhance technical entrepreneurs skills in software design, development and coding. This allows companies greater opportunities to develop their products according to the needs of their markets, and improves their ability to scale. This also improves their technical skills for private sector companies throughout the region and can be tailed to meet the needs of employers.