Mar 08,2016

TechWadi is excited to announce its newest social impact membership, Bareeq. Bareeq is an educational non-profit organization with the mission of providing refugee and other marginalized youths and their parents with the opportunities, knowledge, skill set, guidance, and positive mental health to help them be effective members of their communities.

David Carrey, a Bareeq advisor tells us more about how it all started.

While delivering relief supplies to the biggest Syrian refugee camp in Jordan, Roula Alajeh saw a smiling 10-year-old boy walking out of the camp school. She asked him how was his school and he said it was great, and he showed her his book. When Roula asked him about the topic he learned today, he looked at her, embarrassed, as he tried but couldn’t read what was written. As a former school teacher and vice principal of an elementary school in Dubai, this incident strongly moved her. After assessing 30 boys and girls between the ages of 6 to 12 she found that 18 or 60% couldn’t read or write their own names. Thus she decided to dedicate herself completely to the education of the most vulnerable children.

The mandate was simple – deliver hope for the future, by establishing an education and human development organization aimed at assisting conflict-affected children and their mothers. Towards that, Roula along with a core team of like-minded individuals establish Bareeq Education Company, a non-profit organization based in Amman, Jordan, as close as possible to the need.

Since its inception in 2015, Bareeq grew significantly. Bareeq now has three schools inside Syria serving 700 children grades 4 through 12, and an education center in Jordan that provides remedial education for 200 school-age children, and a computer learning center inside Syria. Bareeq also provides vocational and literacy education for women. They have scholarships that provide full funding for 7 bright university students in Jordan who attend pharmacological and engineering programs. Additionally, they have seasonal projects for refugees, such as Iftar food baskets in Ramadan, and warm clothing and blankets in fall season.

Bareeq has aggressive growth plans for adding new centers in various locations, and in 2016 plans to set up dedicated centers to accommodate children with special needs, being congenital, medical, or psychological, such as PTSD.

All children without exception are welcome to join Bareeq schools and centers since they are our hope for a better future for all.

We would like to ask our community members to learn more about Bareeq by visiting their site at Stay tuned from us on more ways we can help this great cause!

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