Jul 30,2016

Dr. Bassam El-Fahmawi is a Jordanian of Palestinian descent with a passion for innovation in the life sciences who earned his PhD in microbiology from the University of Alberta. He is the Founder and President of Mawi DNA Technologies, a biotech startup company working to improve human and animal health assessment by making sample collection accessible, cost effective, and efficient.

Dr. El-Fahmawi’s experience running clinical labs made extremely clear the necessity for more effective noninvasive sampling methods. He has both professional and personal motivations for working in this field. At the start of his career, his daughter was diagnosed with meningitis. At the young age of two, she had to undergo many tests, however, it was challenging for doctors to collect samples from her and it was difficult for her parents to watch her experience painful blood draws and collapsing veins.

This motivated Dr. El-Fahmawi to find a solution by developing a better way to collect samples for molecular based assays. Current noninvasive sampling techniques also suffer from either lack of quality of samples and/or are limited to certain age groups, leaving a gap in the market for a universal sample collection technique.

The iSWAB, Mawi’s flagship technology, fills this gap with its unique potential for universal application and its breakthrough long-term room temperature stabilization, eliminating the need for high-cost storage and transportation and standardizing collection. Since its inception in late 2013, the iSWAB has been adopted by several prominent research institutions in the US and abroad and contributes to cutting-edge genomics and proteomics research. Receiving FDA clearance is the next big milestone on Mawi’s horizon. Mawi is seeking connections within the health and sciences research community for further collaborations and partnerships.

For more information you can contact Bassam at: b.elfahmawi@mawidna.com

Or visit their website: http://www.mawidna.com/

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