Apr 14,2016

Mostafa Ashour began his professional career as a software engineer at IBM. In 2005, he decided to delve into the adventure of creating a technology startup. Driven by passion for both software development and gaming, he co-founded Khayal Interactive Entertainment, one of the pioneer game development studios in the MENA region. During his work at Khayal, he developed the nV Physics SDK, and launched the first 3D game to target the MENA region (Abo Hadeed). The game received over 1M user activations and was sponsored by Intel and TE Data.

In August 2008, he joined Microsoft as a Program Manager where he was one of the main drivers behind Microsoft Maren and has contributed to building technologies that shipped in Office, Bing, and Microsoft Translator. He was identified as a high potential Microsoft employee (HiPo) and selected for the emerging leader Bench program, a career acceleration program that identifies the company’s top 5%.

In 2013, he decided to go back to the startup scene and co-founded Tryvin, a mobile development startup where he sold its first product Resume Designer Pro to France-based Akkad.  His current project is Boximize, a mobile structured note-taking application. (More details below)

Mostafa is experienced in startups and managing incubation teams and currently holds two patents. He authored “El Tagroba El Khayalia” one of the first books about startups in MENA. Aside from his profession, he likes reading, football, and was regularly among Egypt’s Taekwondo champions for more than 10 years.

Boximize: is a mobile first structured note-taking platform that combines the simplicity and usability of note-taking apps, the power of personal databases and the online collaboration capabilities of online office suites.  Both founders, Mostafa Ashour and Ahmed Sabry, are ex-Microsoft engineers and its MVP, which is currently available on the app store, has been featured by Apple twice as best productivity app and has received over 400,000 downloads. Learn more by visiting these links:

 Website: www.boximize.com

Customer/Media Reception: http://www.boximize.com/MediaAndCustomerReceptionForBoximize.pdf

Appstore link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id828889086?ls=1&mt=8


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