May 18,2016

Cultural differences and unique perspectives can bring rich opportunities to business and communal life. Yet even in this age of information sharing, it can be difficult to move comfortably past barriers raised by stereotypes and media news reports.  Growing partitions between different groups of people weaken the tenacity of those who seek to change the world. Strong leaders can help bridge such gaps, and this is what Creativity and Adaptive Leadership in the Middle East and North Africa (CALMENA) was created to do – develop and encourage this evolving level of leadership for the sake of future generations.

In particular, it seeks to identify and unify those of different Middle Eastern ethnicities, as it provides a leadership model helpful to anyone wishing to bridge gaps between people of any culture or background.  Currently within CALMENA, Iranians, Arabs, Hispanics, Caucasians, and others are actively working to bring unity to an otherwise disjointed world. CALMENA seeks to eradicate the literal and figurative barriers that we as humans have constructed by encouraging a dialogue related to cultural literacy and education. Students at academic institutions are the ideal audience to aid in spreading this dialogue all over the world. Incorporating cultural diversity, empathy, and understanding will lead to the demolishing of borders between different cultures. Released from these confines, we can accomplish truly extraordinary goals.

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