Apr 14,2016

“Nothing but the best!” That is how Mohammad Almadani, Classera Founder & CEO, envisions his journey towards revolutionizing education around the world. The first impression may regard this slogan as repetitive, but it has turned out to be the key to success. All students, at one time or another, have experienced technology used in the education process. However, none of these current options is a true driver for greater engagement and motivation. Mohammad Almadani can verify this through personal experience, having never experienced any technology that could trigger his maximum potential. With this severe deficit in mind, he finds himself committed to making this goal a reality. Almadani and a group of his engineering classmates came together in Dallas, TX, and from there Classera was born. Their motto became “Nothing but the best”, and has been their driver from the beginning.

The people of Classera are passionate about maintaining a sustainable engagement and motivation cycle for students everywhere. They started in Dallas and reached to nationwide top schools, which subscribed to Classera and have experienced the massive impact on all stakeholders. After that, they have decided to move to the Middle East, where they wanted to leave a greater impact on the education ecosystem. By now, Classera has contracts with more than 85% of the A&B class of private and international schools in the Middle East; especially, Saudi Arabia since it has the biggest economy and purchasing power in the region. In addition, the Government in Saudi Arabia has selected Classera to be the e-Learning platform for its gifted students, as they believe nothing will serve the students’ talent like Classera.

Classera, a US company based in Silicon Valley with multiple arms and offices in the Middle East, has grown its user base to surpass the seven-digit figure, and drives to become the standard for e-Learning and EdTech. Classera distinguishes itself in two main aspects. First, engagement, where Classera has capitalized on two main strategies: gamification and network effect. Gamification helps to make the learning process more exciting and rewarding, while network effect compliments the equation by adding the challenge aspect to engage students from all different regions. The second differentiator is Classera’s take on personalized learning. At Classera, personalized learning environments are of a top priority. Isn’t it time we break the cycle for “mass” education? In Classera’s platform Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are deployed together to offer a real personalized learning based on students’ strengths, shortcomings, and preferences.

The disruption that Classera is making in the space has stimulated movement in tech companies to seek out partnerships. Intel, Microsoft, and other ‘success’ partners have already started working alongside Classera in many projects, to the advantage of both parties. Classera is very aggressive when it comes to business development; on the other hand, giving back to the society is an undeniable priority. Recently, Classera has launched a CSR program that is designed and targeted to help students living in war or conflict zones; giving them access to top tier virtual schools with the full experience of attending school, but in a virtual, Classera world. The project is currently focusing on two student groups: students on the southern border of Saudi Arabia, and the Syrian refugee students in Lebanon and Jordan camps. In this initiative, Classera is partnering with their tech ‘success’ partners providing the virtual school model while they provide the devices and connectivity. Moreover, since Classera is a “Human-Centric Design” company, we have listened carefully to a group very close to our heart, the blind students. The project ended up with a fully tailored Classera platform for students with vision impairment, where they have a very special interaction design that helps them get the maximum out of the platform.

Currently, Classera is passing through major milestones that will result in huge leaps for the company. With a business model of a monthly subscription, Classera has converted from revenue generating to a profitable company. It is expanding to more countries in the Middle East including Egypt and Turkey, adding to the existing presence in Saudi, Jordan, Malaysia, and UAE. With this comes the decision to establish the Classera Headquarters in the tech capital of the Silicon Valley. With its base there Classera will better be able to incubate its’ R&D muscles and the US sales force. Classera has one vision, to become the leading company for e-Learning and EdTech around the world. The strategy is simple, “Nothing but the best”. The mission is to provide revolutionary personalized, engaging, and accessible education for all.

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