May 18,2016

The horrific images coming anew from Syria are emblematic of what the refugees we serve have gone through. Once in Amman, families have nothing and are desperate to survive. You enable CRP to get them back on their feet.


But surviving is not enough. Offering refugees a haven where they can learn new skills, rebuild community and heal from trauma is what makes CRP special. Your support allows CRP’s programs to change lives for the better every single day.


We have launched our spring fundraising drive and we need your help to reach our goal of $20,000 and 20 new monthly Partners in Repair.


Because of your gifts, CRP keeps food on families’ tables and offers innovative programs like yoga, support groups, leadership training and many other activities that are empowering our community and rebuilding hope.


Like Ra’ed, who is always at men’s yoga and is a community leader raising awareness on the dangers of family violence. Coming to CRP “allows me to stop thinking of myself as a refugee. For me that is the most important thing.”


Your donation changes lives. It allows us to continue these vital programs and launch new programs to respond to our community’s needs. Will you donate to help CRP continue to serve refugee families who have lost everything?


Thank you so much for your generous gift! Together we can make a change!

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