Mar 14,2011

As Huffington Post reports:

With violent unrest mounting in Libya, where protesters are demanding the removal of dictator Muammar Gaddafi, thousands are fleeing the country seeking safety and stability.An estimated 75,000 people have left the country since February 19. Tens of thousands more are waiting in border areas, eager to be allowed to cross.

Without sufficient food, water, housing and other resources, the situation could rapidly escalate to a dire fight for survival for many refugees. Find out which organizations are on the ground at the Libyan border, providing humanitarian assistance to people in need, and how you can support relief efforts

United Nations World Food Program
Working primarily to feed migrant workers fleeing to Tunisia, the first shipments started arriving March 1. Donate here.

Save the Children
Has dispatched teams to provide aid to children along Libya’s border with Egypt. The organization will be distributing supplies and helping reunite lost children with their families. Make an online donation to their dedicated fund

Is rushing an emergency shipment of medical supplies to the Libyan border. Help Libyan refugees by donating to the AmeriCares International Disaster Relief Fund.

United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR)
Reports the situation at the border is at a “crisis point” with over 14,000 refugees fleeing Libya in a single day. Established transition camps.  Supporters can donate online to support the UNHCR’s work.

Doctors Without Borders
Has dispatched a medical team to bring supplies to Libyan hospitals, help deal with the influx of wounded patients and train Libyan medical staff to cope with patients injured in future conflict. Contribute 0nline to support the doctors and nurses lending a hand in Libya.


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