Jan 10,2010

Ideavelopers manages and advises technology-driven funds including; The Technology Development Fund I & II, Middle East Technology Fund (METF), Jordan Technology Fund (JTF), and Technology investments of the Commercial Intl Investment Co (CIIC) worth in excess of $113 million of invested capital. And, since 2001, Ideavelopers has participated in the funding of some 40 technology-driven companies on behalf of its investment partnerships.

Ideavelopers provides quality venture development services, include offering early stage, high growth companies access to business development services, such as strategic marketing research, financial advisory services, and management consulting services. Access to pre-seed and seed capital is handled through The Technology Development Fund, a EFG-Hermes subsidiary.

Leveraging a worldwide, dedicated network of advisers and experienced strategic partners, Ideavelopers has built a reputation for being an exceptional partner for management teams who can create substantial value for investors. At Ideavelopers, we understand how long it takes to build a company and we will be involved in every step of the way, from product development, to early customer and revenue retention, and then to profitability and liquidity.


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