Oct 19,2016

On Tuesday, October 11th, TechWadi held a panel led discussion, in partnership with AltCIty and The Aspen Institute, on how we can leverage entrepreneurs and professionals in the Silicon Valley to support global innovation. The event was held at WeWork Transbay and brought in thirty participants who were eager to engage in discussions about how to solve the current refugee crisis across the Middle East. Panelists at the event included:

  1. Nadai Roumani, Director, Effective Philanthropy Lab, Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society (PACS) at Standford d.school
  2. Jawad Nabulsi, CEO of Nebny.
  3. David Munir Nabti, CEO of AltCity & AC Innovation Accelerator (joint project with UNICEF Lebanon)

The panelists shared their insights on operating in conflict-laden and post-conflict/transitioning countries, creating innovative and socially impactful solutions globally and within their respectful communities, and engaged with other attendees to receive their input and perspectives.



Theses discussions brought awareness to the current issues on hand and allowed the audience to give feedback and offer support for solutions. Jawad Nabulsi specifically discussed the Nebny Foundation in Egypt and possible solutions. He addressed that the biggest “roadblocks to new innovations for crisis are money and feasibility; however, the major roadblock to all innovative solutions is the inability to scale such endeavors to impact a higher number of beneficiaries”. The takeaway of the night came from Nadia Roumani who said “We need people with big hearts to have discipline, because without discipline all the idealists become cynics.”  

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