Mar 10,2016

Tell us about yourself

I am from Syria and I immigrated here looking for stability and higher education. I am very  passionate about social impact and helping people.

What is re-plate?

re-plate a tech nonprofit that matches businesses excess food with communities in need instantly! We only match healthy nutritious food and currently feed more than 2000 people every week in SF and Bay Area.


Why you started re-plate and what’s been a high and low in running it so far?

We started re-plate because we are fed up with food waste. Forty percent of food is wasted in the US while one in every four people do not know where their next meal is coming from. There is a clear supply and demand, all what we have to do is to match them. The high is the incredible impact that is possible with technology and feeding 2000 people healthy food weekly. The low is the struggle to survive in the Bay Area with no consistent salary, However; our belief in the cause and our mission keeps us going.


A call to action to the community – what you can do to support re-plate.

With your support we can end food waste and hunger in our lifetime. Please contact us at and volunteer your time to deliver food, donate food, and fund our cause.

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