Aug 01,2016

StudioVox is an online global marketplace for creative professionals in various creative industries. This is where film, music, design, fashion, photography, architecture, and fine arts all come together to create one vibrant, game-changing network. Described as the “LinkedIn for creative professionals,” StudioVox brings the world’s largest and most exciting industries together in one convenient online location. StudioVox strives to unite the creative fields and create the strongest promotion platform in the world. If you would like to learn more about StudioVox, visit their website at

StudioVox is designed to capture a $2.2 trillion creative industry market. Although it is a US based company, StudioVox currently has established global operations in London and India. StudioVox has four main revenue streams: subscriptions, E-Commerce, job postings, and advertising. It is projected to have $116 million in revenue by year 5. StudioVox is looking for investors to help them accelerate their growth with users in 97 different countries. So far, they have raised $1.9 million and have managed to reach one million users in Q2 2016. If you would like to be a part of this great opportunity or to invest, contact StudioVox Co-Founder and CEO Mr. Mazen Hijleh at

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