Mar 11,2016
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Our newly launched Seed Fund pools together our strategic and valuable partners. Following in the footsteps of Quanergy Systems, we will work with our ecosystem partners, which include top accelerators, universities, and nonprofits, to source best-in-breed companies across all sectors. Our goal is to finance 20 top companies in 2016. Our quickly expanding portfolio is always looking for opportunities for business expansion in Silicon Valley, the Middle East, and beyond.  If you are interested in helping, please reach out to Our first three seed investments are profiled below:

In the shift toward a value-based healthcare system, personalized medicine is the key. It has the potential to reduce adverse drug events, improve cancer therapy, discover new treatments – all customized to individual patients.  MetaMixis combines advances in synthetic biology, computation, and automation, triggered by investment in personalized medicine, to search massive in- house libraries of genomic information from natural environments. The discovery of biological pathways and enzymes can take years, cost millions, and in many cases, fails. MetaMixis accelerates this process from years to weeks, while achieving a significantly higher success rate. Customers include DuPont, Novozymes and Reliance. The Company has been accepted into Stanford StartX, 500 Startups, and the Illumina Accelerator.

Computer perception and SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) are some of the most widely applicable challenges in computer science. Applications range from autonomous vehicles to robotics and augmented reality. Eonite’s solution is a ready-to-deploy, home-scale, high-accuracy perceptual system based on commodity depth sensors. The team of world-class engineers is led by founder Dr. Anna Petrovskaya, who was part of the core team that built the Stanford autonomous car Junior—a precursor to the Google Autonomous Car.

Statflo was launched in Toronto to solve an interesting challenge: enable its customers – the service providers – to provide the best service to their mobile customers! The problem we all face with our carriers is the result of data in silos that is hard to synthesize and impossible to integrate with distribution channels (dealers, retailers, etc.) The Stateflow data analytics multi channel platform solves that problem. Major carrier partners have already signed up to use the service. Service was adopted by 400 stores across five mobile carriers. Monthly average users (MAU) grew by 10X in the last 12 months, and revenues are quadrupling every year.

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