Jul 30,2016

This past July, we hosted Ash Seddeek, CEO and Co-founder of the Top 1% Sellers Factory, on our 6th edition of the TechWadi Webinar Series. Ash successfully simplified many of the concepts that business leaders either forget or disregard when attempting to maintain returns on investment. The majority of his experience comes from his time at Cisco Systems, where he gained a rounded understanding of the most challenging business practices. This led Ash to develop the “Own it, Win it, Crush it” business model. The model affirms many of the core principles of business that we often forget. Ash stressed important fundamentals such as efficiency during deal making, corporate culture, and investment in employees. He discussed these concepts as they pertain to the MENA region, and gave invaluable suggestions on how startups can instill these principles for success.


Ash Seddeek

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