Feb 14,2016

We spent the past two months speaking to members of our community. One message was loud and clear, “we want a way to support refugees through technology.” To that end, we have developed a new membership tier and a new portfolio of services to engage our existing and new community members.  

A membership tier for Social Impact Companies and Organizations enabling youth through Tech. By bringing in social impact organizations serving youth through technology we will unleash innovation to address their challenges and provide volunteer opportunities for our community members.

  1. Training – Deliver online training to our social impact member organizations – these are organizations serving youth in our communities and the MENA with challenges that can scale through technology.  Training programs would include:
    1. Running a successful online crowdfunding program
    2. Selecting a donor management system
    3. Leveraging social networks to reach audiences
    4. Pitching your cause for Tech Investors
  2. Quarterly Tech Volunteer Missions – we plan to send interested members of our community on programs to support social impact organizations enabling youth through technology. Programs will include training and coaching youth on using technology.
  3. US-based Events – co-sponsoring events in Silicon Valley and other locations in the USA with Non-profit partners working on youth in technology initiatives.  

If you wish to participate send us an email to volunteer@techwadi.org

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