Ahmed M. Badawi is the founder and president of Badawi & Associates. He has been practicing public accounting since 1998. Ahmed specializes in audits of governmental agencies, healthcare companies and nonprofit organizations. In addition, he manages audits for cities, counties, special districts, and other California governmental agencies, as well as nonprofits, foundations and private companies. Ahmed frequently speaks on topics related to assurance and regulatory compliance issues and shares his expertise with clients through annual educational seminars. Ahmed started his career with Ernst & Young in their Hedge Funds Group. He continued to pursue opportunites in public accounting and served as an assurance partner in several regional and national firms before founding Badawi & Associates. He founded the firm to serve the fast-paced needs of California's local governments and emerging businesses. The goal is to build a proactive, client-focused culture from the ground up and to eliminate the entrenched bureaucratic culture and intrinsic limitations of the big firms.

Founder and President of Badawi & Associates

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