Ali is founder and Chief Investment Officer at Caturra Capital. Previously, Ali was Vice President of Product Management at AdMob, responsible for the company’s product strategy, roadmap, and business operations. Prior to joining AdMob, Ali co-founded and launched Ripple TV, the World’s first geo-targeted and Web-enabled out-of-home TV network. Previously, he held senior and executive management positions at Microsoft, where he developed and launched services including MSN Messenger and MSN Mobile, and at Yahoo!, where he led teams behind services including Yahoo! Web Search, Yahoo! Mobile Search, Yahoo! Local Search and Yahoo! Maps. At Yahoo!, Ali was instrumental to the successful completion of several strategic company initiatives, including the Yahoo! Developer Network, the Yahoo! Geo-Tagging Service, the Yahoo! Location Targeting Service and the Yahoo! Search API. Ali was formerly Founder and CEO of, the World’s first online marketplace for the building materials and construction industries. He is the author of nearly two dozen papers and patents in the data storage and information retrieval fields. He received his undergraduate degree from Stanford University and an MBA and MPhil from Oxford University.

Founder and Chief Investment Officer at Caturra Capital