Fadi has more than 25 years in the technology sector and he is located in San Francisco Bay area which is also known as Silicon Valley. He holds more than 20 U.S. approved patents in enterprise and consumer innovative technologies which shipped in many products since early 1990s. The chances are that your bank accounts, health records, internet browsing data, applications or other data transactions has been processed or stored in technologies that Fadi architected, designed or written the code for. As an entrepreneur and innovative technologist Fadi has taken products from new revolutionary or evolutionary innovative ideas to shipped products producing revenues of more than $500Million for companies like Adaptec, Microsoft, Dell and others. His technologies has reached and positively impacted more than 150 Million direct customers and more than Billion consumers.

Recently at Alcalua, Fadi invented new wearable technology in sports and medical sectors for performance augmentation through hardware, software, cloud, mobile, and AI. The device is frictionless where one can’t see it, feel it, and would forget wearing it. This technology is attracting strong interest from many international and local companies and customers.

Fadi is an avid innovator, and always excited working and helping other startups and founders, no idea is a stupid idea. Fadi is an active mentor and advisor to many startups in Europe, MENA, Hawaii, California and others. With background in technology, product definition, innovation, entrepreneurship, strategy, positioning, software, hardware, embedded, web, market analysis, team’s management and creation, positive working cultures, access to the technology community and to the investment community in Silicon Valley, Europe and MENA region enables Fadi to empower startups he is advising, especially those in the early phases of pre-seed to Series-A.

Fadi graduated with Masters of science degree with honors from University of New Orleans in the department of electrical engineering focusing on polarization optics where he published papers in U.S. scientific and academic journals.(Optical Society of America, IEEE). Fadi received his Bachelor of Science degree with honors from Beirut Arab University in electrical engineering focusing on electronics and communication.

Founder, Alcalua