Hazem co-founded Anacad® S.A.R.L. (France), a company specialized in software development and integrated circuits (ICs) design, where he held the position of head of the computer aided design (CAD) department. In 1991, he became responsible for the overall management of Anacad, overseeing software development, ICs design, marketing and sales. In a three-year period, he managed to more than double the volume of business, which reached 50% of the overall revenues of Anacad® Corporate. In 1994, Mentor Graphics Corporation acquired Anacad, and for the following four years, Hazem was the Analog-Mixed Signal (AM/S) engineering director worldwide as well as overseeing management of Anacad in France. In 1995, he co-founded Mentor Graphics Egypt while running French operations, assuming full responsibilities as managing director In 1998 of Mentor Graphics Egypt, the Arab area headquarters. Hazem obtained a Bachelor’s in Engineering from Cairo University, a Master’s degree in the field of electronic design and and a PhD in electronic design automation from the Polytechnic Institute at Grenoble, France.

Managing Director, Mentor Graphics Egypt