Mehdi is currently at Palantir Technologies, a Palo Alto based data integration software company that helps the world’s most important institutions use their data to achieve their missions, from helping manufacturers build best in class cars and planes, to helping researchers and scientists cure cancer.

He focuses on new business outreach and internal operations.

Prior to Palantir, Mehdi worked as a staffer on the National Security Council at the White House under President Barack Obama.

He is both a Fulbright Scholar and Truman National Security Fellow.

Mehdi loves volunteering for Tech Wadi because of the wonderful community, inspiring entrepreneurs, and the free shawarma.

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Mehdi first arrived to California by way of marrying a native Bay Area lady named Deena.

He is very thankful he did, and they love calling the Bay Area home.

Mehdi holds degrees in Internal Affairs, International Economics, and Middle Eastern Studies from George Washington University.

Chief of Staff to the COO , Palantir Technologies