Mohammad Gawdat is currently Google’s Vice President of Business Innovation - Google [X], applying technology to major problems in order to develop truly radical solutions.

His current focus is on designing the business and partnership model to globally scale Project Loon, an attempt to use high-altitude balloons to provide affordable internet access to the 5 billion people who cannot access the internet.

Mo joined Google in 2007, managing Google’s business in over 50 countries and focusing on his biggest passion; Emerging Markets and the vast degree of diversity and challenges they face.

Over the years, he has started close to half of Google’s operations worldwide.

Mo is a serial entrepreneur who has co-founded more than 15 businesses in his career.

He actively serves as a Board Member in several technology, health and fitness, and consumer goods startups as well as several government technology and innovation boards in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

He holds an MBA from Maastricht School of Management in the Netherlands and a BSc in Engineering from Aim Shams University.

Chief Business Officer- Google

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