Mohannad El-Khairy is an entrepreneur, advisor and founding partner of NXT Innovation, a post-accelerator go-to-market integration company -- with presence in San Francisco, Paris and Milan -- that helps tech companies test and integrate their solutions with potential corporate clients in a variety of industries.

He began his career in business development with BCA Research, a leading independent investment research firm in Montreal, Canada. At BCA, Mohannad quadrupled sales revenues, managing over 50 countries in the Emerging Markets. He then moved to Dubai and helped grow, one of the first successful Internet startups in the Arab world, and which became known as the “Bloomberg of the Middle East”. Mohannad led Zawya’s global business development team, managed the customer service division, defined the brand and the company's 2.0 strategy, as well as structured several regional and international partnerships. Zawya was acquired by Thomson Reuters in 2012, which is when he moved to Silicon Valley.

An avid proponent of the startup culture, Mohannad joined Plug and Play Tech Center, one of the largest seed-stage investors and accelerators in the world. He led P&P’s international efforts bridging the Middle East and other high-tech ecosystems to Silicon Valley.

Mohannad advises several high-impact organizations -- from startups and corporations to venture capitalists and governments -- on business innovation, fund-raising strategy, and how to cultivate sustainable, entrepreneur-friendly ecosystems. He completed his degree in both Economics and Political Science at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.

Co-founder, NXT Innovation