Nida has extensive experience working with for-profit and nonprofit organizations in the Middle East/North Africa region and in the United States, where she pursued her passion for contributing to social and economic development and entrepreneurship. Shortly after the 2011 Arab Spring, Nida served as the Chief of Staff to a Libyan-British entrepreneur and philanthropist. Her experience working within the public services sector has provided her with sound knowledge of international business and government practices.

As Chief of Staff, Nida managed and advised several companies including Libya Awalan TV. During her time working on the channel, Nida managed collaboration with media company, Moby Group, to expand Libya Awalan and establish its headquarters in Tripoli. She also advised NGO, Libya El Hurra Charity, which provides humanitarian aid and relief to internally displaced refugees and vulnerable groups such as women and children in Libya, Tunisia, and Egypt.

Nida's private sector experience in the US includes consulting and business development in the health and media sectors. She has a proven track record of driving business performance, profitability and managing complex contracts and sales processes.

She studied Psychology and Peace and Conflict Studies at Swarthmore College. She has been awarded fellowships over the years including from the Center for Progressive Leadership, the Abraham’s Vision Fellowship, and the Institute for International Public Policy.

Senior Business Development Manager