Essam has over thirty-five years of executive business experience in sales, marketing, finance and general management in both the United States and Europe. He is the founding President of MEB International, a private investment and management consulting company. MEB International clients included EgyNet, the first private data communication carrier in Egypt, for which Essam served as CEO. Previously Essam was Managing General Partner of Equity Venture Management, an organization that managed two venture capital funds focused on high technology semiconductor and communication companies. Essam was also founding President of DAVID Systems, Inc. Prior to the above involvements Essam spent twelve years with National Semiconductor Corp. in both the US and Europe, where he held a variety of highly successful business executive management positions. Essam graduated with honors from Ain Shams University in Cairo, Egypt with a BS in Electrical Engineering. He taught at his alma mater for three years, and completed course work for an MS degree in Electrical Engineering at San Jose State in California.

Founding President of MEB International

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