During the month of September, TechWadi ran a two-week Sprint Acceleration program for the 10 winners of the INJAZ Competition:

  1. Aliaa Nour representing Jereed
  2. Amr Elselouky representing CampUs
  3. Khadija Radwan representing Dawayer Design Studio
  4. Mahmoud Badr representing ReTyres
  5. Mai Mahmoud representing Hommect
  6. Mokhtar Osman representing Tyro
  7. Farouk Hosni representing Tyro
  8. Mostafa Hashisha representing iSpark
  9. Mustafa Sharara representing Excuse My Content
  10. Rami Nassar representing GoodsMart

The program included Mentorship Day at Google as well as Investor Day at Microsoft Reactor with startups from MIT Enterprise Forum. TechWadi’s goal was to create connections between the startups and relevant mentors, companies and investors.

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The Sprint Acceleration program was extremely impactful for the 10 entrepreneurs from Injaz Egypt. They participated in workshops and trainings, which covered topics including:

  • Design Thinking
  • Go to Market Strategies
  • Best Investment Practices

The group also had a chance to visit Quanergy, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Uber and Visa. The site visits provided new entrepreneurs with the opportunity to meet corporate and tech companies all over the Silicon Valley. “The benchmark is set so high when you visit global industry leaders like Visa or Apple,” remarked Amr Selouky from CampUs. But when “you visit a startup like Quanergy which is led by an inspirational Arab entrepreneur…it was an ‘AHA’ moment [because]I realized I can really achieve any goal I set for myself.”




The last two days of the Sprint Acceleration program included Mentorship Day and Investor Day. Mentorship Day kicked off with pitch training workshop by Andrea Barrica, Pitch Coach from 500 Startups. Following the pitch training, one-on-one mentoring sessions were held with over 25 industry experts who met and networked with the founders of the startups. Investor Day brought together top Silicon Valley investors such as Dr. Ossama Hassanein of Rising Tide Fund, Ghazi Ben Othman of Malaz Capital, and Pat Burtis of Amadeus Capital who met with the startups and provided feedback around their business ideas and as well as advice about how to approach potential investors. For Aliaa Noor from Jereed “the most important thing I learned from the pitch training is how to personalize the pitch to your audience…making it sound more real.” At the end of Mentorship Day, TechWadi’s Chairman Sharif El Badawi exclaimed, “I couldn’t be more thrilled with the talent we’re seeing this year!”