Jun 05,2012

The Arab Spring has unleashed powerful social forces. The younger generation is expressing great interest and responsibility towards improving their communities. Through social entrepreurship, they are combining activism and entrepreneurial ingenuity to launch new businesses and non-profit organizations.

Social entrepreneurs introduce new ideas and approaches to solve development challenges in their local communities, operating where the public and private sector have not succeeded. They apply business principles towards social causes, creating new programs, reforms, and goods that benefit disadvantaged and marginalized segments of society. They lead innovations in the non-profit and business sectors, including generating employment opportunities for youth, working towards building more inclusive societies, and advancing sustainable environmental practices.

The new landscape is beautifully described in a new research study entitled, Social Entrepreneurship: Why is it important post Arab Spring? released by the Program on Arab Reform and Democracy at Stanford University’s CDDRL (Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law).

Copies of the report in English embedded below, Arabic is available here. Enjoy reading. Your comments are of course most welcome.

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