Jul 05,2011


Egypt needs to change and advance – its economy needs a boost, and its people need a future. Luckily, the country has amazing human resources with all of the elements to create thousands of success stories that can transform Egypt and the rest of the world. However, these resources need guidance and support.

This is the vision behind Startup Summer Camp 2011. A six month program open to all those in Egypt ready to change the future, Startup Summer Camp is led by the team of dedicated volunteers behind the very successful Startup Weekend Cairo, in partnership with a broad array of regional and international organizations, including TechWadi.

By bringing together the right group of individuals – entrepreneurs, mentors, investors – we are aiming to jump-start the Egyptian economy. By teaching essential entrepreneurial skills such as how to brainstorm, capture opportunities, focus, strategize, work hard, learn from failures, and never give up, we seek to create an economic army that will push Egypt to unbounded success.

Phase 1a – Training
July 9 Training Starts
Training will progress simultaneously in 5 cities across Egypt, following an intensive program focused on entrepreneurial “how to”s: identifying opportunities, brainstorming ideas, producing market studies, creating teams, setting goals and strategies, understanding how to develop, market, sell, and generate income.
July 23 Training Ends
Teams are formed and begin working on their business plan, strategy, and product prototype, with help from mentors and coaches
Phase 1b – Building
July 30 –
Sep 10
Workshops and Events
Teams attend targeted workshops led by experts and business leaders from the MENA region as well as Silicon Valley, and receive open access to leading mentors from the region and across the world.
Sep 17 Mentor Bootcamp
Company teams present their business plan and prototype to panels of mentors who provide feedback, suggestions, and guidance
Sep 22 Selection of Presenters
Based on progress made, a subset of teams will be chosen to present to a judge panel of investors and incubators
Phase 2 – Acceleration
Sep 24 Round One Selection Process
Teams selected will present to a panel of judges including leading MENA and US investors, incubators, and seed funding agencies
Sep 28 Media Day – Winners Announced
Creating top publicity, companies chosen to proceed to Phase 2 of the program will be announced in a large media day.
October –
Phase 2 – Acceleration
The second phase of the Startup Summer Camp is more in depth and more flexible at the same time – allowing startups access to worldwide mentors and very targeted training opportunities, while giving them time to work on improving their product and company strategy.

The objective of Startup Summer Camp is to break the barrier of fear and spread the fever of entrepreneurship in all of Egypt. This program is targeting all fields and all cities in Egypt. Media will be heavily involved to create more entrepreneurship awareness in the society and destroy the misconceptions that businesses can only start when you have millions of dollars.

Startup Summer Camp is organized by many volunteers and highly respected organizations such as the Science Age Foundation, TIEC, and TechWadi. It is also being sponsored by many Egyptian and multinational entities such as Microsoft, Nokia, IBM, arpuplus, Sawari Ventures, Google, and many others. Sponsorship opportunities are available, contact Maged Ghoneima for details.

We look forward to very productive summer full of hard work, innovation, eyeopeners and success stories. We look forward to the whole community coming together as entrepreneurs, mentors, consultants, and investors to capitalize on this wave of entrepreneurship and push Egypt’s economy to great success.

Register at http://startupsummercamp.com/?page_id=4

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