Feb 29,2016

This past Monday, TechWadi hosted a Tech + Social Mixer in collaboration with LebNet. If you weren’t there then you definitely missed out. Here is why you should be attending our next meetup:

  1. If you’re looking for feedback on your Tech startup, this is the place. You can pitch, get peer feedback, find potential partners , or bump into an investor or two.
  2. Want to expand your tech business in the Middle East? Here’s the community that’ll show you the way.
  3. Interested in volunteering  as a Tech Pro, learn about the TechWadi GOODTECH Program.
  4. Socialize. You might bump into old friends that you haven’t seen in awhile!
  5. It’s a great chance to find inspiration and exchange ideas with peers in the area.
  6. Find out who’s hiring in the TechWadi community.
  7. There are a lot of young professionals seeking opportunities to learn and work. If you are looking to recruit new team members for your startup, you’re likely to find a candidate or two.
  8. Last but not least.. brush up on your Arabic and enjoy some good food and refreshments!

Keep an eye out for our next social event and join TechWadi as a member for regular updates and exclusive insights!

By Nureen KhadrNureen Khadr is a senior international studies major and entrepreneurship & innovation and Middle Eastern studies minor at the University of San Francisco. She is currently the Editor in Chief of the San Francisco Foghorn and a freelance journalist. 

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