Oct 27,2017
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Washington, DC & Menlo Park, California – TechWadi, a Silicon Valley-based non-profit focused on building bridges between the U.S. tech industry and the Middle East & North Africa (MENA), and MENA Consultants, a Washington, DC-based association of MENA regional business experts, announced their strategic partnership today.

“We are very excited to have TechWadi as our West Coast partner,” states MENA Consultants President and Executive Director Laura Lombard. “The partnership will allow both our organizations to expand our abilities to encourage cross-border economic relationships.”

The missions of both TechWadi and MENA Consultants aim to foster and grow business development and entrepreneurship in the MENA region. By partnering together, both entities aim to strengthen business development between the U.S. and the MENA region. To do so, both entities will partner on events and programs both in the US and the MENA region to provide technical trainings and workshops to entrepreneurs and greater business community. 

“This partnership will allow more startups in the MENA region access to programs to further their business development and we are extremely optimistic of what’s to come” says Tasneem Sabri, Senior Program Manager at TechWadi.

For more information about the TechWadi-MENA Consultants partnership, please visit techwadi.org or www.menaconsultants.org.

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