Why TechWadi:

TechWadi is the leading non-profit organization building bridges between Silicon Valley and the MENA region to support the growth and rapid expansion of high-tech entrepreneurship. We are uniquely positioned to provide Silicon Valley innovation and expertise to our partners holding the knowledge and reach of MENA’s leading entrepreneurs. TechWadi is scaling the appetite, ability, and readiness of the region’s top high-tech entrepreneurs to established a world-class, globally recognized startup ecosystem.

Starting a local chapter is a rewarding endeavor. It requires some planning, resources, motivation and a fun attitude, but we are confident as an active TechWadi Member, you already have what it takes to start a local chapter! The goal of starting a local TechWadi chapter is to increase awareness about TechWadi and passion for technology, innovation, and how to extend the bridge of knowledge and skills to the MENA region. TechWadi has Chapter Development kit and team members who will help you get started and can guide you through the process.

Steps to get you on your way:

  • Elect a chapter chair to liaise between chapter members and the TechWadi team in Silicon Valley and arrange for the following:
  • Recruit at least ten people to become TechWadi individual members and start getting emails, notices, and hear more about what TechWadi is doing (all membership benefits listed below).
  1. At least one monthly meeting with chapter members, which could be around hosting the TechWadi monthly webinar.
  2. Local sponsors to sponsor speakers, workshops and trainings from Silicon Valley.
  • Elect a member relations officer to draw in new members. Chapter should reach at least twenty people by end of year
  • Elect a media officer to arrange for media coverage of all events and post on social media.

What will TechWadi do for you?

By being a member of any TechWadi chapter, you will have access to all of our membership benefits. Becoming a member at your local chapter means events and speakers will be coming to you!

Membership benefits:

Webinar Series: An expert, mentor or a startup from our community share an interesting topic live online that is broadcasted in the US and the Middle East to transfer knowledge from our members to the larger community.

Silicon Valley MENA Speaker Series: bringing Silicon Valley expertise to the MENA region. Volunteers from our community dedicate time to fly out to different cities in MENA to hold training sessions and speak to entrepreneurs, companies and student about relevant topics.

Access to our network

Get speakers for your events and co host your events with TechWadi

Access to our monthly social mixers, quarterly events and Annual Forum

Help with hiring for your business or startup

Exposure for your startup through our social media outlets and monthly newsletter

Access to monthly Tech+Social Mixers in Silicon Valley

Unlimited access to TechWadi events happening in Silicon Valley and MENA