Jul 18,2011

Thank you to TechWadi members and Silicon Valley professionals that joined our welcoming forum for Lisa Anderson, President of AUC.

We heard from a rich cadre of speakers including Valley entrepreneurs, investors, film-makers, and educators. Full agenda is below in addition to some photos for your viewing pleasure.

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Agenda Wednesday July 20
5:00-5:10 Blueprint for Success Lisa Anderson will overview the successes the university has achieved in the past few years – and the opportunities that lie ahead.
5:10-5:20 Rising Thru Entrepreneurship Roham Gharegozlou and Joe Kell will shine lights on a much anticipated initiative to build the entrepreneurship ecosystem – in partnership with PlugandPlay, AUC, TechWadi, and the US government.
5:20-5:30 MisrEDU Abbas El Gamal of Stanford University highlights an unprecedented initiative among US academics to contribute to education and training in Egypt.
5:30-5:40 Startup Revolution Lee Lorenzen of Altura Ventures presents TheGoldenTicket.eg – a Rock Candy Revolution Fundraising Plan for a Full Employment Initiative (FEI) for Egypt
5:40-5:50 Journalism 3.0 Documentary film-maker and Stanford Knight Center Fellow Jigar Mehta brings to life the Egyptian revolution as seen -and recorded- by its protagonists.
5:50-6:00 CEO Forum: January 25, 2012 At the first anniversary of the Revolution, the world’s top business leaders will meet in Cairo to celebrate success and stimulate the economy
6:00-6:10 Mobilizing the Alumni Nadim Maluf, Qnovo CEO and member of the Board of AUB, will share his perspective on means and impact of engaging the diaspora alumni.
6:10-6:20 University Entrepreneurship Tom Kosnik, Professor at Stanford Technology Ventures Program, will share his experience both at PnP University and the National university of Singapore
6:20-6:30 Business Acceleration Four Plug and Play international entrepreneurs will highlight the advantages and results of business acceleration in Silicon Valley

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