Mar 10,2016

“Never forget where you came from as it is the main reason you are who you are today” Abeer Al-Kassar

I am half Egyptian half Bahraini, I am a mother of two beautiful young ladies, I have over 20 years of experience in the Interior Industry in the MENA region and hold a Masters degree in International Marketing.

I lived most of my life in Bahrain and became the first woman in the history of Bahrain in the Chamber of Commerce Industrial committee.

I came to America in 2014, after facing a lot of challenges with the political unrest in the Middle East, it was a big challenge to move out of my comfort zone but it was definitely worth it.

Through university in Africa, work in the MENA region, training in Europe, and higher education in America, I was faced with the difference of each culture’s work ethic allowing me to combine them which is now what I believe gives me an edge in my field.

I am working here as a freelance consultant building strategies and bridges to connect MENA region clients with American Design firms and helping collaboration between both teams- Having the experience and the understanding of both cultures and providing clients with high quality products and services.

I am in the process of establishing my own firm to share my experience in the Interior Industry.


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