Jul 06,2015

Our second batch of the Sprint Acceleration Program had 2 very special MENA companies looking for expansion in Silicon Valley, Reveel founded by Amr Shady and Boximize founded by Mostafa Ashour and Sabry ElBadawi. The founders of both companies have built amazing technical products out of Egypt and wanted to validate their technologies before launching them full force in the US.

Batch 2 Startups:

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 9.44.32 PM

Reveel: is an analytics tool with patent-pending algorithms that helps any business with recurring revenues optimize their marketing spend.  The algorithms, spun-out from Egypt’s TA Telecom (10M+ subscribers), identify business sweet spots; the combinations of products, customer segments, geographies and acquisition channels that have the highest retention.  The tool can also predict which combinations are under-served in terms of resources, and can also predict which unexplored combinations will have high retention.  For some customers, Reveel has improved their marketing ROI by 64% in just one quarter.


Boximize: is a mobile first structured note-taking platform that combines the simplicity and usability of note-taking apps, the power of personal databases and the online collaboration capabilities of online office suites.  Both founders are ex-Microsoft engineers and its MVP, which is currently available on the app store, has been featured by Apple twice and has received over 230,000 downloads since its launch 6 months ago.

We worked with the companies extensively prior to arrival on defining the milestones that were important for them to achieve, and devising a program to help them meet the most relevant mentors as well as technical and sector experts to help them focus their offering and further enhance it to meet the needs of the US market before launching. In the first 2 weeks of their acceleration the companies met more than 28 relevant mentors and experts from their wish list of Silicon Valley companies.

The companies completed the first part of their acceleration where they were able to achieve some critical milestones including meeting and testing their offering with potential clients, getting expert feedback, working on their product roadmap and marketing plans, and deciding on their target customer verticals. They also started preliminary talks with VCs and potential investors about funding opportunities down the line.

Both entrepreneurs are back in Egypt working on finalizing their products based on the feedback they got in the program and will be back in the Valley in September to formally launch their products.

Looking forward to sharing with you their exciting updates very soon.

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