Nov 16,2016

On November 15, TechWadi hosted Fadi M. Asfoor, co-founder of Cupper and head of business development and operations at BlueJay Mobile Health, Inc. Cupper is the first expert guided coffee platform for consumers and was launched to help them discover and experience the best coffee around. BlueJay Mobile Health, Inc. is a global digital healthcare start-up focusing on virtual care and remote rehabilitation technology.

To celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week, TechWadi hosted the webinar live from Google with all of the attendees from the Sprint Acceleration group in attendance for the broadcast. During the webinar, Fadi discussed how mobile technology is shaping the future and how people use it to connect to the internet. He discussed the steady increase of mobile app usage, which is connecting people more than ever before. Fadi emphasized that in order for startups to be successful, they will need to pay more attention to their users through  data, produce superior services, and constantly be on the lookout for future opportunities geared towards mobile app developers .

Additional topics covered during Fadi’s session included:

  1. Mobile technology trends and the impact of these trends on the global economy including: connectivity, access to the internet, country level of connectivity, how SIM cards are playing a part in connectivity
  2. How you see yourself as a company: competition vs. monopoly
  3. What you need to understand in order to develop your product
  4. Startup and entrepreneurial support
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