TechWadi is at its core

a community, and its strength derives from the ability of people in our community to connect with each other and support each other on their journeys to develop in their career, grow their business, or make the transition from MENA to SV or vice-versa.

The 2020 Annual Forum will highlight these journeys, of individuals, businesses, capital, and ideas, between Middle East and North Africa and Silicon Valley.

This year’s featured SPEAKERS and more to come!

Aman Bhutani

CEO of Godaddy

Anousheh Ansari

First Self-Funded Woman to Explore Space, CEO of XPRIZE

Tatyana Mamut

Head of Product at Nextdoor

Henrique Dubugras

Founder of Brex

Trae Stephens

Partner at Founders Fund

ANDY Bromberg

Co-founder & President at CoinList

Kaan Gunay

Co-founder & CEO of Firefly

Shubham Goel

Co-Founder at Affinity




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